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High School Youth Group

High School is an exciting (and sometimes scary) time in the lives of teens.  Students are beginning to think about their futures in a serious way, even as they try to navigate the many joys and challenges of their current situations.  As they do so, they are learning a LOT about the world they live in, the people around them, and themselves.  And they are facing challenges in many areas: academically, socially, and spiritually.

At WPC, we strive to come alongside high school students to support them as they learn and grow.  We are driven by the belief that God loves each person and calls them into relationship with God and with others.  Youth leaders, volunteers, and paid staff are united in our dual mission: to introduce high school students to the God who loves them, and to invite them into a life of responding to that love.

Every activity is driven by this dual mission.  Whether we are packing meals with Stop Hunger Now, playing games at Youth Group, acting out Bible stories at Breakfast Club, or singing together in worship, we are always learning about the God who loves us, and trying to live our response to that love.

For information about High School Youth Group or a current calendar of events, please contact Kate Callahan (katherinecallahan@gmail.com) or Holly Harrison (holly-harrison@comcast.net)