A community where all who seek God are welcome


Q: Will there be physical activities?
A: We will play outside on the playground, when the weather is nice.

Q: What types of snacks will be served?
A: We will serve food that we think the kids will eat.  Recently we had homemade cookies and milk. We are always looking for new ideas and donations if you’d like to contribute.

Q: What is the cost to attend this program?
A: There is NO cost to attend this program.  We want your child to feel safe and happy here.  We know that unsupervised time after school provides opportunities for kids to get into trouble.

Q: Where do I pick up my child?
A:  We will be finished at 6:00PM.  Drive to the parking lot bordering Brookhaven Road and look for us in the doorway of the education wing.  Drive up to the doorway when you see us and say hi!

Q: How can I get more involved?
A:  There are many opportunities to help out.  Please e-mail Pastor Rob Ross or phone him (610-566-1644 ext 13).

Q: Does it matter that we belong to a different church or that we don’t attend church at all?
A: We welcome everyone.

Q: What sort of activities will you do each week?
A: We will eat our snack, work on homework for an hour, take a break to play outside, learn more about Christianity, and practice the hand bells.

Q: My child doesn’t attend Strath Haven Middle School.  Can she participate?
A:  Yes, email  rob or phone him at 610.566.1644 x13 and we will make arrangements to pick her up from school.

Q: My child has allergies to certain foods.  Will you accommodate him?
A: We’re happy to accommodate children’s food allergies.  Please list them on the Registration Form

Got a question?  Ask Pastor Rob for the answer:  E-mail Rob or phone him at 610.566.1644 x13