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Confirmation Class


When students reach 9th or 10th grade, they have the opportunity to join our confirmation class. The confirmation class is designed to help students discern whether they are ready to take the steps of making a public profession of faith and joining the church, both in a global sense and as a part of the Wallingford Presbyterian Church community.

Confirmation class is a six month course led by Pastor Rob and youth advisors Holly and Kate. Throughout 24 sessions and at 2 retreats, students think deeply, share questions and conversation, and grow in their faith and understanding. Topics covered include theology, practice, as well as difficult questions about both those beliefs and actions interact with the world we live in.

Confirmation 2

The course meets on Monday Nights, November-May (with a few holidays off). All 9th grade students, as well as any students in 10th-12th grades who have not yet participated in a confirmation class at Wallingford Presbyterian Church, are welcome. If you, or your teenager, would like to sign up, please e-mail(rob@wallingfordpres.org or call Pastor Rob at 610-566-1644 ext 13.

To see a full syllabus of the topics covered, as well as summaries of each class, click here