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Stephen Ministry

What is Stephen Ministry?

Stephen Ministry is a ministry of caring through one-on-one relationships of trained lay-caregivers with those who are hurting.  It is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another and bear one another’s burdens.

Stephen Ministry Meets the Needs of our Fellow Christians.

Stephen Ministers are trained laypeople who “walk with you” through difficult times by listening and caring. Some of the people who could benefit from the care of a Stephen Minister are:

  • The terminally ill and their family members.
  • The homebound.
  • Those in a job crisis.
  • Those facing life transitions.
  • The aging and elderly.
  • Those with disabilities.
  • The separated or divorced.
  • Those needing support after the loss of a loved one.
  • Those facing a family crisis.

Stephen Ministers are Laypeople Trained for Distinctively Christian Caring and Support.

Each Stephen Minister receives extensive training in Christian care-giving and interpersonal skills and then is commissioned by Wallingford Presbyterian Church. A Stephen Minister is not an ordained pastor or professional counselor.

Stephen Ministry Complements the Work of our Pastors.

Stephen Ministry expands the care of Wallingford Presbyterian Church’s own pastors by providing more workers in the caring ministry here. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to provide care to any member in our congregation. When someone needs additional support, Stephen Ministers are available and equipped to supplement the work of our pastors by providing one-on-one confidential care. Stephen Ministry greatly multiplies the pastoral care provided by this church.

Are You Thinking About Stephen Ministry?

Maybe you or someone you know could benefit from a relationship with a caring Christian who would visit with you on a regular basis until you get back on you feet.OR

Perhaps you have a desire to be trained as a Stephen Minister and bring Christ’s love to hurting people.

For more information, please contact one of our pastors at (610) 566-1644; Pastor Francois Lacroix, extension 16, or Pastor Rob Ross, extension 13.