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Sprouts general information (most useful for first-time Sprouts parents)

Sprouts is a fellowship/education group for K-5th graders.  It meets once a month, on Friday evenings from 6pm-8pm.  The general outline of the evening is as follows: gathering/introduction of topic, dinner, activity/discussion/game (split into two groups by age), closing/prayer concerns/prayer.  Sprouts is open to all families whether they are connected to WPC or not.  Taylor Mills leads Sprouts with help from Meghan Hawkins, Sally Flemer, and parent volunteers

There is no cost for participating in Sprouts, and dinner is included in the evening. Every elementary child is welcome, and we always love meeting new friends. (Each month is self-contained, and we usually have one or two new faces each month, so first-timers won’t feel behind or left out.)

We know that coming to a new place and activity can be scary for kids (just like adults!), and parents are welcome to stay for Sprouts, if that would make their children feel more comfortable.  If you would like more information about any event, or Sprouts in general, please contact Pastor Taylor by e-mail pastortaylor@wallingfordpres.org or phone (610-566-1644 ext 4).


Sprouts Schedule 2017


September 15th, 6-8 pm: Bowling at Sproul Lanes


We’ll kick-off the year bowling at Sproul Lanes Bowling Alley. While bowling and eating pizza, we’ll try to live out the four pillars of Sprouts: Respect, Responsibility, Kindness and Teamwork. When we return to the church, the Sprouts will share examples of how they lived out the four pillars.  Sprouts should bring $5, which will cover everything.   Parents should plan to drop Sprouts off and pick Sprouts up from the church.

October 6th, 6-8 pm: Blessing the Animals

God calls us to take care of the creation and the creatures in it.  Children experience this call through their pets (or their stuffed animals, if they don’t have pets).  At Sprouts, we will talk about our call to care for animals and God’s love for animals.  Then, at the end, we will have a time of “show and tell” with our pets/stuffed animals, and ask God to bless our animals.  Parents are invited to bring their child’s pet or stuffed animal when they return at 7:40 pm.  The show and tell and blessing will take place 7:40-8 pm.

The schedule for this event will be as follows: Children and parents will arrive at 6pm. We will begin with having dinner. After which time we will draw pictures of our pets or stuffed animals and talk about why we love them. After this we will have a sort lesson about God’s love for animals, creation, and people. We will read a few short scriptures pertaining to the topic, and then play a game. At 7:15pm parents will return with pets, and we will all meet outside on the grass. We will have 20 minutes of time when the children can play with, pet, and talk about each others’ pets and stuffed animals. For the last 20 minutes, we will all sit/stand in a circle outside and have a short children’s service of Blessing of the Animals which will involve a few songs, prayers, and an actual blessing over each animal. We will have a closing prayer and depart at 8pm.

For this event, we are in need of a volunteer to cook the Sprouts dinner. Please contact Taylor if you are willing to do so, as we leaders, and the children as well, would greatly appreciate it. 

November 3rd (6pm-8pm): Spend, Save and Share (Learning about Money)

In November, we’ll learn about budgeting.  At the beginning of the evening, each Sprout will be given a set amount of “Sprouts Cash.” They will then divide the money between spending it on their dinner (a cafeteria style meal with different priced items), sharing it with those in need by buying items from charities, and saving it in the WPC bank, where it will grow at the amazing rate of 100% in a month. The money donated to charity will be made “real” by the church, which will underwrite their donations to various organizations from our ChristMarket.  Then, the kids will visit the cafeteria, the bank, and the ChristMarket.

Sunday, December 3rd, 4-7 pm: Advent Festival

Sprouts will not officially meet in December.  Instead, Sprouts (and their families) are encouraged to attend the Advent Festival, which will take place at the church Sunday, Dec 3rd, 4-7 pm.  The festival includes the opportunity to make crafts and decorate cards for our sick or injured members, eat dinner together, and sing Christmas Carols in the sanctuary at the end of the night.


January 5th, (6pm-8pm): The Bible: How Do We Read This Thing?

Every year, we give Bibles to our Kindergarteners and our 3rd graders.  This month in Sprouts, we’ll give some suggestions for how to get the most out of reading the Bible.  Kids will learn how to read the Bible on their own (or with their parents’ help).  We’ll cover a basic outline of the Bible, the first 10 Bible stories you should read, and what Bible stories you should read in different situations (when you’ve had a bad day, when something great has happened, when you fight with your friend, when someone you love dies, and so on).  But even with all this learning, Sprouts won’t be boring – instead, we’ll learn through interactive discussions and fun games and relay races.

February 2nd (6pm-8 pm): God’s Love and Human Love

In this month of Valentine’s Day, we will talk about how much God loves us unconditionally. We will have dinner together and play games. In addition, we will make valentines for our members who are shut ins, as well as for family members. We will talk about the things that we love the most, and have a Bible lesson hearing about how much God loves us.

March 2nd (6pm-8:30 pm): Acts of Kindness

An important part of being a Christian disciple is learning the life of service. A great way to learn how to serve is to learn by doing! We will begin the night by talking about ways in which we have served over dinner. Then we will do an act of service for the community to be announced closer to the event. We will go on location, so we will need at least three parents to volunteer to drive children to the event and back the church at the end of evening. More information will be coming in the form of an email after the new year.

April 6th (6pm-8 pm): Growing a Garden

In the gospels, Jesus constantly uses metaphors (or parables) that relate to gardening and farming to talk about God and us.  We will eat dinner and talk about some of those parables and come to a deeper understanding of them by working on the church grounds by watering plants. We will be decorating flower pots, and getting dirty – so children should come in clothes they are willing to get dirty.

May 4thth (6pm-8:30 pm): End of Year Picnic

For our end-of-the-year Sprouts, we’ll enjoy a picnic at the church.  We’ll have cookout food, play kickball, review our year and finish the night with s’mores! We will also take the flower pots that we decorated at our April session, and fill them with soil and seeds to take home and learn to care for creation, as God does for us. The confirmation class will come toward the end and will help the Sprouts with s’mores. The two groups will pterodactyl together, and then Sprouts will depart at 8:30pm and Confirmands will stay and enjoy fire. It will be a great way to end the year and say goodbye to our wonderful 5th graders!