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Rob Ross

RobHi! I’m Rob Ross (the oldest one in the picture), the associate pastor at the church. I spend much of my time focusing on children, youth, and their families at WPC (leading the youth group, leading confirmation class, leading the elementary Sprouts group, overseeing Sunday school, going on the summer mission trip with our youth, and talking with parents about the joys and trials of parenting). When I am not in the church building, I am usually being a dad, a husband, and a homeowner.  The last month has found me unclogging a drain in our 100 year old house, stalking construction vehicles with my 4 year old son, taking my 3 year old daughter to ballet class (I am the only ballerina who is also a dad), changing lots of diapers courtesy of our youngest (just 6 months old), and binge-watching Warehouse 13 with my wife. I love CS Lewis (his children’s and adult work), cheap Chinese buffets, math, and talking about faith with anyone who wants to talk (really, not just because I’m a pastor and pastors have to say that).  I can be reached through e-mail (rob@wallingfordpres.org) or phone (610-566-1644 ext 4), and I’d love to talk with you.