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Parking Information

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Public commuter parking at Wallingford Presbyterian Church is allowed by permit only in the designated small lot next to Brookhaven Road and in the numbered spaces on the left immediately after entering the lot from Brookhaven Road.  Permits must be displayed when parking on our property.  The intended use of our commuter lot is for weekday/daytime commuter parking, with the occasional overnight or weekend parking allowed by written permission only.

As of 10-Jul-2017, there is one space available, and there currently is nobody on the waiting list.

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To rent an open space or to get on the waiting list (if all spots are taken), come to the church office (hours are weekdays 09:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:30) to fill out an application, which will need the information on the vehicles you wish to register (make/model/year/license plate). If there is an open space, also bring check or cash for the payment at that time.  It will take just a few minutes to rent the spot or sign up for the waiting list.  As mentioned below, spot rentals start immediately (that is, you cannot rent/hold a spot starting in a future month).

The waiting list will be processed on a first come, first served basis as spots becomes available.  When spots open up, we will contact the next in line for their payment.  Payments in person are preferred, but can also be mailed in (and then we will mail out the permits).

Notes on the Permit Application/Payment Process:

  1. You will be required to sign a “hold harmless” agreement to satisfy our insurance requirements.
  2. You must register all vehicles that will be using your assigned spot.
  3. You cannot reserve a spot for a future time period without renting continuously through then (e.g., pay for a permit starting in September when it is still July and you haven’t paid for July and August).
  4. The permits are issued by calendar quarter (Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec).
  5. The permit fee is prorated based on $25 per month and $1 per weekday past.  For example, if you apply for a permit on July 24, 2015, your fee will be for two full months (Aug plus Sep=$50) plus $8 for prorated July ($25 for July minus 17 weekdays already past = $8), for a total fee of $58 for the third quarter 2015.
  6. You can pay for as many calendar quarters ahead as you like.  However, there are normally no refunds if you decide to stop parking at the church for any reason.
  7. If you cannot make the above church office hours, please contact the Parking Lot Manager at the email address, below, to set up an “after office hours” appointment.
  8. Current permit holders get precedence for keeping their spot for subsequent quarters.  Payments for upcoming quarters will be requested around the middle of the prior month (e.g. September 15th for the 4th quarter).  When they pay for your next quarter, they can pick up the new permit then.  If payment for the next quarter is not received by the due date on the email notification they will receive, then the spot will be become available for the “next in line”.  Mailing in payments for the subsequent quarter is acceptable, and we will then mail out the next quarter’s permits.  Mail permit renewal payments to:
    Wallingford Presbyterian Church
    Attn: Permitted Parking Manager
    110 East Brookhaven Road
    Wallingford, PA  19086

Rules for Public Commuter Parking:

  1. Only registered cars can park in the lot.
  2. The permit must be displayed on the dashboard.
  3. The permit is for weekday parking only.  If on occasion you wish to park overnight during the week, you must contact the parking Lot Manager (see email address link below) for permission beforehand.
  4. Park in your assigned spot only.  
  5. Only one car with the same permit spot number is allowed in the lot on any one day.
  6. If your assigned spot is blocked for some reason (a snow pile, someone else’s car, etc.) you may park in the main parking lot, preferably up near the playground.  Display your permit on the dashboard as always.
  7. If the permit is forgotten, hand write the spot number on a sheet of paper and place it on the dashboard.
  8. Permits must be renewed at least one calendar week before the end of the quarter.  Otherwise, the spot may be deemed vacant and made available for another person to reserve.
  9. Park squarely between the painted lines to provide equal space on both sides so as to not impede adjacent cars.
  10. The first Monday of every June the parking lot will be closed for our Church’s Annual Strawberry Festival.  The lot may also be closed a maximum of two other days during the year for maintenance.  Advance notice will be given for all planned closures.
  11. If heavy snow makes closing the lot necessary, prorated credits for the missed parking weekdays will be issued and can be applied to the a subsequent quarter’s permit fee.
  12. All parking is at your own risk.

If you have any questions, please email parking@wallingfordpres.org.

Members of Wallingford Presbyterian Church are welcome to park in our main lot to commute on SEPTA.  Please do not park in any numbered (permit-required) parking spots.

We ask that you park “nose in” in the spaces adjacent to the playground in the main lot (please do not park in the designated Public Commuter numbered spots nor in the “upper lot” that is used by the children during the day).

We also ask that you display on your dashboard proof that you are a church member.  If you occasionally will park in the lot, displaying a recent church bulletin will suffice.  If you need to park more regularly, please come to the church office to register your vehicle(s) and and pick up a special church member parking permit.

If you have any questions, please email parking@wallingfordpres.org.