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Guidelines for Volunteers

The following Guidelines for Volunteers was approved by the members of Session on June 3, 2014. All volunteers are required to acknowledge the reading of these guidelines. There are two options.

Download a copy of the Guidelines, sign it and return a copy to the church office, attention Barbara Meahl

Email Barbara with your confirmation



Thank you for your ministry as a volunteer. Whether you are here every week or only occasionally we have some guidelines that we expect all volunteers to follow. Many of them seem like common sense, but there may be one or two that are new to you. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines please bring them to the attention of one of the pastors.

Confidentiality:  During your time at WPC you may see or hear things about children, or other members that are sensitive in nature. It is important that you recognize anything you see or hear may not be repeated to anyone unless that person has a legitimate business and/or pastoral need to know.

Drug free workplace: Our policy prohibits the use, sale, distribution or possession of illegal drugs or paraphernalia or any combination thereof on any church premises including the parking lot.

Smoking/Use of Alcohol: All church buildings and grounds are designated as “smoke and alcohol free.”

Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment: WPC expects all volunteers and employees to treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. You have all been asked to read and sign the Sexual Misconduct Policy. Harassment of any one for any reason will not be tolerated.

Injury: WPC wants everyone to be safe on our campus. Should you be injured while serving as a volunteer please tell one of our staff immediately. There are first aid kits available and arrangements can be made for medical care if necessary.

Technology: WPC computers and other media, electronic and telephone equipment, software and related data are proprietary and confidential and may not be copied, transferred or used for any purpose other than the business of WPC. Systems developed by employees and/or volunteers, including passwords, relating to WPC shall be and remain the exclusive property of WPC. All are considered confidential and must not be revealed. Volunteers will be held accountable for abusive, inappropriate or unethical behavior when accessing the network from church facilities or equipment. No communication is considered private and usage may be monitored. Examples of inappropriate use include gambling, chain letters, posting personal opinions, accessing pornography, and soliciting for profit.