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Lenten Study – Sunday, February 18 – March 25, 2018

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Sunday February 18th 

Pastor Taylor invites you to come explore the temptation of Jesus through artwork. We will begin by reading the story of Jesus’ temptation as told in Matthew 4:1-11, and journey through several paintings depicting these scenes. We will discuss the theology and emotion captured in these images and have a conversation about how it relates to our own temptation. Come for con-templative conversation with friends as ponder this aspect of Lent.

Sunday February 25th 

What’s Lent Got to Do With it? 

Join Pastor François for a look at the history and the observance of Lent and why the church has set aside this time. In addition, we will consider the historically accepted disciplines of Lent and what it means to keep Lent.

Sunday March 11th 

Liz will lead an event on a topic TBD.

Sunday March 18th 

Pastor Taylor invites you to come join her in a conversation about sin – that’s right, that little dirty word we don’t like to talk about! What is sin, and do we really have to call it that? What does sin have to do with Lent and Easter, and how can we face the hard reali-ty of own sin? We will take a hard look at the Sermon on the Mount, and what the Epis-tles say about this word, and end with what the Day of Resurrection has to say about it. Come for stimulating conversation as we take a look at the man (and woman) in the mir-ror!

Sunday March 25th 

Palm Sunday. Join Pastor François for a look at the history and observance of Holy Week, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday particularly. Why are these days consid-ered “Holy” for Christians and what does it mean to have Holy Days in an increasingly secular society.



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