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Mini Retreat – Sunday, October 22 from 11:30 – 2PM

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Many people of faith in today’s economy are searching for meaning beyond their work and consumption, for deeper relationships, for a part in a more sustainable economy that supports all people as well as our planet. Faith and Money Network equips people to build honest, just, community-centered relationships with money.

Jesus repeatedly spoke about money and challenged the disciples, the scribes, and the crowds to become conscious of money and their relationship to it. We, too, need to examine our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors which relate to money. As we discern the ways we earn, inherit, invest, spend, give, or waste money, often without conscious choice or a deliberate faith stance, we will be enabled to respond more fully to God.

In this retreat, we will reflect on our own money stories. How do we handle money? What is our theology of money? How do we live and move around those with more, or less, money than we have? How do we model the use of money in our lives?

At the core of Faith and Money Network events is space and freedom to ask questions and find one’s own answers.

Lunch will be provided.


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