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Update on MEND Fund and Legacy Fund Expenditures

December 9, 2016 by  
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Recently, the Church’s endowment funds have been simplified and restructured in an effort to enable better stewardship of the gifts entrusted to our congregation. The focus of the efforts was the MEND and Legacy Funds. Both these funds are intended to be enduring legacies, one for the physical plant, and one for the Church mission.

Activities Supported by the Legacy Fund in 2016/2017

Each year, Session may use up to 4.5% of the Legacy Fund on a special project to support the Church’s mission and enrich the witness of the Church into the future. This coming year, the Session chose to focus on selected pastoral needs of the congregation and the community in a series of sessions and retreats:

The Challenges of Parenting in the 21st Century

The Church has contracted with the Center for Pastoral Counseling (CPC) to provide three sessions dealing with the specific needs of parents with young children, parents with adolescent children, and parents with older, adult children. In these sessions, CPC counselors will give general helpful parenting tools and also address any specific questions parents have. This program will be open to WPC members and friends and to the larger community.

The Challenge of Grief and Loss

CPC counselors will hold an additional session after the holidays helping those experiencing grief and loss. Again, this program will be open to WPC members and friends and to the larger community.

A Congregational Retreat

It’s time for an intergenerational, congregational retreat. Plans are being made to have such a retreat in the spring. There will be something to do for all the members of our church family. Our retreat leader will be Dr. Beth Toller, Assistant Professor of Pastoral and Theological Studies at Neumann University and a Counselor at the Middleton Center of the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church.

Projects Supported by the MEND Fund in 2016/2017

The MEND Fund is meant to cover the maintenance of the physical property of the Church, especially for projects too large to be included in the annual operating budget. As the old Emergency Endowment Fund was being merged into the MEND Fund, Session and the Trustees agreed to target $50,000 on immediate needs of the Church’s physical plant:

Church Roof Repair and Partial Replacement

Both sides of the roof over the Narthex, as well as the Avondale of the Sanctuary will be repaired and replaced.

Water Abatement, Drains and Gutters

This project deals with water problems in the basement level, as well as with cracks in the outside walls. Currently, the worst areas are across from the “A” manse and along Avondale Road. Gutters and downspouts will be repaired or replaced, soil will be removed or added to allow for better drainage, and parts of the foundation will be waterproofed. The underground storage lines need to be examined and repaired where necessary. Tree removal and landscaping clean-up is needed, especially where gutters may be clogged and branches overhanging the roof need to be pruned. The roof structure over the back door stairwell may need to be replaced.

These projects supported by both the Legacy Fund and the MEND Fund are an investment in the future of our Congregation. Both the Legacy Fund and the MEND Fund accept direct contributions if you want to make your own investment in either the mission (Legacy) or physical plant (MEND) of the church.


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