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Adult Forum – November 6: The Upcoming Election

November 4, 2016 by  
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Sunday is the end of daylight savings time.  It is also two days days before an election day that has been uniquely contentious, divisive and bitter.  So of course it would be timely to address the election as a topic for the discussion. (We can talk about daylight savings another time!).

 But the perspective is not the relative qualifications of Clinton and Trump, or even the campaign tactics and the erosion of civility.  nor to advocate for one party over the other. The topics are more basic, more structural and more concerning than the outcome of this one election, as pivotal as it is.  They are:
1) whether we are at a point as a society that no longer accepts the premise of a peaceful transition of power, and
2) whether we are no longer able to think about elections and public policy issues in a coherent, rational way, and
3) whether our government can still function in a 2 party system.
To paraphrase Neil Young, this is a topic that is guaranteed to bring you down.  The good news is that right afterwards we can all go worship together!
Frank Noyes, our leader, will try to frame these issue in a way that could relate to what our call is as followers of Jesus Christ, to make this a little more of a Sunday school lesson.  The belief is that these issues demonstrated that we, as a country and polity, have utterly rejected the fundamental call to love our neighbors.

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