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Sunday School Teachers Needed for 2016-2017

July 15, 2016 by  
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Each year, a dedicated team of adults teaches the stories, values, and practices of the Christian faith to the next generation of Christians. Many of our teachers return to teach the next year. However, every year, we have a few teachers who decide that God is calling them in a different direction. Therefore, every year, we look to you, our congregation, to answer the call to teach.

To be a successful teacher here at WPC, you don’t have to be a biblical scholar. We will provide you with training and a curriculum that will help you as you teach. In addition, you will be paired with another teacher (usually a returning teacher) each week, so that you two can work as a team together. The most important things to possess are a heart for kids, a willingness to learn, and an ability to be a part of a team. All the rest can (and will) be taught.

We are looking for one more teacher for the toddler class, three for our 1st and 2nd graders, three for the 3rd-5th grade class and one for our middle-school students. We are hoping to have some folks who have taught in the past and feel the call to return.

If you are considering teaching, or would simply like more information, please contact Pastor Rob at 610-566-1644 ext 13 or rob@wallingfordpres.org. You can also talk to our Sunday School Superintendent, Sally Flemer or any other member of the Education Council (Mark Morton, Kevin Switala, Bob Kenworthy, Mina Varney, Pam Mattote and Colleen Zeszut).


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