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Grandparents nights – May 3 (middle school) and May 11 (high school)

May 2, 2016 by  
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The middle school and high school groups look forward to an evening with people of grandparenting age. Actually being a grandparent is not important. We anticipate having 15 youth, which means that we are looking for around 15 folks of grandparenty age. At 6 pm we’ll eat dinner in the reception room. At 6:30 we’ll move to the youth room where we’ll play a low-energy get-to-know-you game and then divide into pairs (one grandparent and one youth). Holly, Kate or Pastor Rob will then announce a question and there will be discussion between them. We’ll re-gather at the end to share what we have learned and pray together. To RSVP for the evening, please contact Holly Harrison at 603-548-4828 or holly-harrison@comcast.net.


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