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PrimeTime Luncheon – February 9

February 4, 2016 by  
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Join us at noon on Tuesday, February 9 for the PrimeTime luncheon. Bring a lunch and bring a friend to hear a very interesting talk by Tom Erickson. This month’s talk is entitled “Do Freight Railroads Matter?” Tom will present provocative facts & figures from the rail industry, and then open it up to questions & answers. Lunch begins at noon with the talk to follow a

Tom received his BA from Yale in economics, where he focused on rail costing and organization and his MBA from Northwestern in transportation where he focused in systems engineering and rail capitalization.  He spent the first 22 years of his working life at 4 different large railroads. Since 1999 he has run his own consulting business working with various partners to start short line railroads. He holds several rail related patents including a railroad game that has been marketed as both Rail Baron and Boxcars, and a railroad operating system for large railroads. He has published “A Railroad Manifesto” focusing on railroad economics, operations and management.



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  1. Rick Spector says:

    I perform well received nostalgia programs for seniors. I would like to bring a show to your group.

    Thank you for your interest.