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November 22, 2015 by  
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ChristMarket will open after church on Sunday, December 6. Stop by and check out the many ways you can help those in other parts of the US and other parts of the world. You can make your “purchases” in person in Fellowship Hall, by downloading the brochure and sending it in with your payment, or on-line.



2 Responses to “ChristMarket”
  1. Roger Demos says:

    Has anyone check the Christ Market online ordering system. I would like to have been able to order a number of items, but I could not order item #7. It entered item #7 as item #8. I quit then, even though I have a lot more to order.

    Maybe your information above should say email instead of just Mail.

    Your pictures of the staff are poor. When I click on them they get better, except Francois’s head gets scalped. I think that we could do a much better job with them.

  2. Walter Kaminski says:

    Ordering info has been fixed as of 7:10 PM, 12/7/15

    Can you provide more info about information saying email instead of just Mail? Where is it? Can you send a screen print to webmaster@wallingfordpres.org?

    Typically, the pictures are truncated in the small version and OK in the larger image. You are describing the reverse situation. As above, can you send a screen print? Also, if you are willing to help with higher definition pictures, they can be added to the website.