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Prime Time for October – Nick Tortorello

October 2, 2015 by  
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With the unending election season upon us, Outreach will present a program by Nick Tortorello at it’s October 13 luncheon at noon. The title of his presentation is  “Everything You May Want to Know about Political Polling”.

Nick has been involved with political polling for over 30 years, including for candidates such as Bill Clinton, Jane Byrne, Kevin White, and Howard Baker.

He helped write the code of conduct, values and ethics for the Council of American Survey Research Organizations and American Association of Public Opinion Research.

Nick has appeared on television, public radio, and government channel on cable TV.

He is a resident of Chichester, Delaware County.

Some questions Nick will address include:

  • How to be discerning about research results of any type, but particularly political polls?
  • How to sort fact from fiction?
  • How to check facts?
  • Is it important to know who paid for the poll?
  • Why is it important to know something about the methodology and sample size?
  • How tag lines emerge from polls?
  • Why do polls report conflicting findings?
  • What are the most reliable political polls?  Least reliable?
  • Why is it important to participate in research studies/polls?
  • How to avoid scammers posing as researchers/pollsters?
  • For political polls, does it matter if you are Republican, Democrat or Independent?  Why/why not?

As a Senior Partner for TMG Partners, Nick has a great passion for making his clients successful, which is exemplified by his 40 years of demonstrated success in the areas of Marketing and Public Opinion Research and Consulting. He is well-known and respected in his industry, having contributed time and talent, as a former Chairman of The Council of American Survey Research Organizations, a former Counselor of the New York Chapter of the American Association of Public Opinion Research, and a CASRO Hall of Honor Award winner.

Nick excels when guiding companies who seek to develop PR campaigns for new products and services, re-positioning mature products and services, and handling crisis management. He has led crisis management teams, providing objective fact-based evidence, based upon consumer and leader attitudes, to improve, control and provide positive images to the electronic media and the press. For example, Nick’s research resulted in the National Endowment for the Arts being allowed to continue to receive tax payer monies in the face of widespread media criticism of its funding support to artists Mapplethorpe and Serrano. His testimony before two different committees of the U.S. Congress was pivotal in the NEA being re-chartered and getting the Cincinnati Museum Director released from jail.

Nick is both a researcher and expert resource in the area of minority studies, having worked with such profit and non-profit groups as the National Conference of Christians and Jews, The Salvation Army on Executive Order 50 in New York City, NARAL, Ebony Magazine, The Congress of Racial Equality, NORCOM about Hispanics, the U.S. and Mexican-American Development Corporation, which helped to result in the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”), and studies of Roman Catholics and their Religious Orders for the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. In the past, Nick also worked with Dr. Kenneth Clark, who wrote “Tally’s Corner”, and former Manhattan Borough President and Inner- City cable businessman, Percy Sutton advising them and collecting brand data with Blacks and Hispanics.

Nick’s expertise also extends into the legal and financial sectors. Nick has helped companies to protect their brands and intellectual property and has used survey research data as an expert witness at State and Federal trials involving trademark infringements, truth-in-advertising, tort liability, jury selections, and negligence compensatory damage awards.

Nick is also a well-known author with more than 75 published articles to his credit. The two most noteworthy articles include a piece on Sarbanes-Oxley and Corporate Governance, which appeared in Corporate Board Magazine on “The Rising Power of Shareholders”, and a chapter on the “Uses of Polling”, in the Public Affairs Handbook an AMA Publication.



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