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Syrian Refugee Crisis

September 14, 2015 by  
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Presbyterian Mission Agency

Syrian Refugees Crisis Surrounding the Middle East and Europe


What’s HappeningThe news has been filled this first week of September with chaotic scenes. 3-year old Alyan Kurdi, along with his brother Galip, their mother, and nine other Syrian refugees drowned during an attempt to cross the Aegean Sea in hopes of finding safety (over 2500 others have been lost in recent months attempting similar escape). Outside of the Hungarian capital of Budapest, trains packed with Syrian refugees have been halted at the order of the authorities, while the migrants inside refuse to leave because they know that they cannot survive being returned home.Since the beginning of 2015, over 100,000 displaced persons from Syria, Northern and Middle Africa, Afghanistan, and Iraq have been registered in Hungary alone, but the authorities are unable to handle all the needs of the migrants as the numbers continue to rapidly increase. All countries surrounding the crisis region are feeling the same strain on their resources, and the situation will only continue to grow more dire.

For the past four years, the crisis in Syria has been escalating. Unimaginable violence and unrest across the Middle East and Northern Africa has grown to a level that has created one of the greatest humanitarian crises in current memory. Not since the Second World War have we seen such high numbers of refugees and displaced persons desperately seeking safety and refuge in lands not their own.

This week, we have been confronted with a visible image of exactly what is at stake: the lives—many of which have been lost—of men, and women, and small children… all of whom are beloved children of God. 

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is responding to this crisis of forced migration in Europe in cooperation with our fellow members of ACT Alliance in working to provide support and refuge to those in need. This response is in additional to the ongoing work PDA has been doing with Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as Syrians remaining in their own country since 2011.


Stand in the Gap
Give.Share your financial blessings to help with needs of the forced migrants. Designate your gift to DR000156—International Refugee. Individuals can give through their local Presbyterian congregation, online, or by mailing a check to:

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
P.O. Box 643700
Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700



  • Follow the PC (U.S.A.) response on Facebook and share updates with your congregation and others.
  • Help resettle Syrian refugees. Most coming to the U.S. do not have family or close friends here and need emotional, spiritual as well as physical support. If you are interested in becoming directly involved in accompanying a newly arriving refugee family or supporting them through in-kind donations, contact the nearest Church World Service (CWS) affiliate and ask to speak to their volunteer/outreach coordinator. If you do not live near a CWS affiliate and still want to be involved, please contact Susan Krehbiel to connect you with other resettlement organizations around the country.


Pray. For all who have fled their home seeking safety in unfamiliar lands that they may find courage, strength, peace and welcome. And that those whose lands these forced migrants flee to may also find courage, strength and will not be overwhelmed in their outreach. 

Prayer for Syrian Refugees



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