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Sunday School Classes for Parents – 2/1 & 2/8

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Pastor Rob will be conducting Sunday School classes for parents on Sunday February 1 and February 8 from 9 – 9:40 AM.  Here is the weekly description.

Sunday, Feb 1: How does WPC hope to shape, nurture, challenge and support children and youth as they develop?

As kids age, their needs, interests, and abilities change.  Thus, the way we teach them the gospel, and support, challenge and nurture them as they try to live it, changes.  From baptism, through Sunday School, Vacation Bible Camp, Sprouts, Youth Group, Receiving a bible in kindergarten, 3rd grade and 9th grade, confirmation, mission trips, and right into college, we’ll talk about what is available at WPC for children and youth.  Rob will not only list the program, but will get into some detail about what happens in each program and why – what we are trying to accomplish through each interaction with your children.  This session would be useful, not just for people with kids in these programs, but with kids who will one day be in these programs.  There will be time for questions along the way.

Sunday, Feb 8: How to read the Bible with your child

The Bible is a paradox – It is the most important book we have.  It is also incredibly difficult to read: it is long, at various times, dry, confusing, and discomforting.  It is central to our coming to understand who God is and who we are, but it is easy to misunderstand and misinterpret.  How do we read it?  And how do we help our children to read it?  This week, we’ll talk some about spiritual and mental development in children.  We’ll also look at different versions of the Bible, suggest some ways to begin to read the Bible with your kids (and by yourself) and suggest some ways to interpret the scriptures – some rules for how to read it.  After we meet, we’ll go into worship, where our 3rd graders and Kindergarteners will receive their Bibles.


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