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WPC Members Prepare 10000 Meals in One Morning

Stop Hunger Now 1 On Saturday, March 22nd, WPC hosted a successful meals-preparation event for Stop Hunger Now. 55 volunteers prepared 10,000 nutritious meal packages consisting of rice, soy, dried vegetables and vitamins & minerals with spices. The packs were put up in cartons that will be shippedto hungry people in some of many places: Stop Hunger Now sends meals to 65 countries including in the United States; and has provided over 136 million meals to date. It is estimated that 25,000 people die each day due to inadequate nutrition. Our volunteers consisted of church members and non-members alike, young and old. A pizza lunch was shared by all once the meals were sent on their way and Fellowship Hall was prepared for next use. For more information, visit StopHungerNow.org.

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