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New Pastor for Wallingford Pres

August 4, 2013 by  
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On Sunday, August 4, the congregation of Wallingford Presbyterian Church overwhelmingly approved Reverend Francois Lacroix to be their new pastor. Reverend Lacroix will begin his new position on September 1. He and his wife Cyndi will live in the Avondale manse.



3 Responses to “New Pastor for Wallingford Pres”
  1. Jane D Evans says:

    Congratulations to all you lucky folks at Wallingford Presbyterian – Francois and Cyndi Lacroix are smart, kind, funny, talented and incredibly caring. They feel God has smiled on them by leading them to you. You probably know by now that God is smiling pretty widely on you, too! Cousin Jane in Arkansas

  2. Randolph Blakeman says:

    As someone who attends Francois’s former church, Northwood Presbyterian In San Antonio, Texas, I would agree that you are indeed fortunate to have him. He’s probably far too modest to mention this, but he has a beautiful tenor voice. He used to sing with the choir at Northwood before preaching his sermon. And, should he have a chance to read this, I am currently interim director of music at Northwood and thoroughly enjoying it. So–greetings Francois and good folk at Wallingford Presbyterian all the way from San Antonio.

    Randolph Blakeman

  3. Hilde Ziegler Seiler says:

    Francois was my pastor at Central Presbyterian Church in Geneseo, NY. He and Cyndi were such a blessing to my life, coming to FL, after I moved there, to sit with me in the last days before my husband died and then after he died in 2001 and 2002. They even opened their home in Geneseo to feed over 50 out of town people after the memorial service for my husband. Francois officiated at the wedding of my daughter and at my own wedding in 2009 when I remarried. Yes, he even sang at all three services so I can vouch for his incredible voice. What a blessing Francois and Cyndi have been in my life. You are blessed to have them a part of your church. Treat them well!