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Graduate Sunday

June 6, 2013 by  
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Graduate Sunday, where we recognize all those who have recently or are about to graduate, was originally scheduled for June 9. However, when we set Graduate Sunday, we failed to consider the timing of Senior Week.  As it turns out, many graduating seniors will be away this Sunday,  June 9 and thus will be unable to be recognized in worship.  In light of this, we are shifting Graduate Sunday by one week, to June 16th.

We hope that all recent graduates will be able to attend, as we would love to tell you how proud we are of you, pray for you, give you a gift, and send you on your way into your next phase of life.  If you are a recent graduate, please e-mail Rob and let him know if you can/cannot attend, so we can be prepared for you. If you are not a recent graduate, please come out on June 16 and congratulate all those who have recently graduated.


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