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Adult Forum – A Biblical View of the “End Times” and Left Behind” Theology led by Ken Wells

October 28, 2012 by  
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9:30AM ADULT FORUM: Join us at 9:30am in the Reception Room for a 3-Sunday morning one hour series on A BIBLICAL VIEW OF THE “END TIMES” AND “LEFT BEHIND” THEOLOGY, led by Ken Wells. We will use a 5-page Discussion Packet for background and questions.

Sun. Nov. 4 – What is Left Behind Theology (LBT) with its 6 timeline steps, 4 creepy horses, the Anti-Christ with his pet Beast, etc.? How can one become the kind of Christian that gets taken up in the original rapture? What does Church tradition say about all this? How do we read weird Bible texts faithfully? Is the Bible using poetic language occasionally? Is Matt. 24:40-41 to be taken literally? What is the goal and purpose of Scripture’s anxietyproducing language? Can truth be told in different ways?

Sun. Nov. 11 – Do we read different richly detailed Bible passages, flattening them out to make them describe the same thing (i.e. melding Luke and Matthew’s birth accounts), so that we flat-line Daniel as a one directional, one-dimensional flow from prediction to fulfillment in Revelation? Or do N.T. writers use Daniel to address their own moment in time? Are there 3 Daniels: a Historic one, Literary one, Prophetic one? How do Mark 13:1-27, Luke 21:5-36, Matt. 24 chaps. 24, 25 handle Daniel and its “abomination of desolation” and “the Ancient of Days”?

Sun. Nov. 18 – What is “the coming of the Lord” (the parousia)? How near is near in time? Why is it de-layed? Is Jesus coming as a Lamb … or as a Lion? (can these opposite metaphors be reconciled? What determines the way we understand the Jesus of the 2nd coming? What do Rev. 4, 5 mean? Who can open the scroll with the 7 seals? What is the point of the book of Revelation: escapism from a violent world? Engagement in the violence in order to overcome it? or something else? Why does Wallingford PC have in its round stained-glass chancel window the Lamb carrying a victory banner with a cross?


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