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Book Look – Tuesday, March 20

January 25, 2012 by  
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On Tuesday, March 20 at 7:30 PM, the next Book Look discussion will cover Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. According to the Joseph Campbell Foundation website, “Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers offer a brilliant combination of wisdom and wit in conversations that range from modern marriage to virgin births, from saviors to heroes in The Power of Myth–a great summing up of Campbell’s works. Campbell’s work combines scholarship, Jungian depth psychology, and inspirational writing, and remains an immensely popular introduction. His approach reflects the continuing relevance of mythological symbols even in our secular, mythless age. Ideal for the college market and general reader alike, this extraordinary best-seller is a brilliant evocation of the noted scholar’s teachings on mythology.”

The selection is available from Amazon.com as a new or used book or on DVD.  Used books can be purchased for $7 – 8 (delivered cost).

For more information about the Book Look, please contact Chris Darr (610-874-2415), Walt Kaminski (610-334-2025), Russ Kinder (610-521-2784) or Dolores Thomas (610-566-9360).


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