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Steadfast Hope II Course Begins January 17th

January 6, 2012 by  
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The Outreach Council is sponsoring a second session of Steadfast Hope, the study of the current situation on the ground in Palestine and Israel, as seen from a Palestinian’s perspective.  The course will consist of 6 sessions, meeting every other Tuesday at 7 PM.  The first session will be January 17.  Three evenings will be movies followed by discussion. The other three evenings will be presentations with discussion.  The presenters will be the five original Steadfast Hope leaders plus 1 or 2 additional facilitators.  The cost of the course is $10 per person.  The course is designed to be independent of the original Steadfast Hope course held last fall, so everyone can participate and learn, whether they attended the previous session or not.

Course Outline

Date                   Subject                                                           Lead

1/17/12           Movie: Life in Occupied Palestine            Hannah/Don

1/31/12           Birthright Israel                                            Rebekah/Jennifer

2/14/12           Movie: The Land Speaks Arabic               Tony

2/28/12           Right of Return                                             Hannah

3/13/12           Movie: Budrus                                               Walt/TBD

3/27/12           Point/Counterpoint (1)                                    Wini/Rebekah

(1) Focus on how to talk to others about the current situation

Questions or to register in person?  Call Walt Kaminski 610-334-2025, or
Register on-line


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