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Who, What Are We Willing to Forgive? – Adult Forum Topic

September 30, 2011 by  
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In the Reception Room on Sundays October 2, 9, 16, Ken Wells will facilitate discussion on this topic, using a sheet of questions each Sunday on separate themes related to 3 scriptures from the Gospels. We’ll look at Crime & Punishment John 8: 2-11; Sacred Things & NotNecessarily Sacred People Mark 2: 23-28; and Reflecting on Why We Gather as Christians Mark 2: 13-17. This Bible Study arose from clergy of 14 Frankford churches in NE Philadelphia which 24 year old drug addict Sean McCullum burglarized within 2 weeks (Ken’s church twice) to support his habit. The Ministerium pondered, “Are we satisfied to have him locked up, see that he gets rehabilitation, with his sentence to include restitution? Maybe we could visit him in prison? And how central to our faith and practice is the loss of our computers, audio systems, and desecration of our sanctuary by the loss of our altarware? How would you respond to Sean if he stole Wallingford’s chancel wall cross and had it melted down? What guidance does Jesus counsel in our scripture passages?



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