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Taize Service 9/11 @ 7:30 PM

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Our next Taize Prayer Service will held on Sunday September 11 at 7:30 PM.  This special service will provide a calming, peaceful opportunity for prayer and song and quiet community as we honor this difficult anniversary.  There will be space for healing, for sadness, for anger, for reconciliation; special prayer stations will be provided during the meditation.  There will be opportunity to light a candle in memory of loved ones lost, or as a sign of peace to come.  We will sing, and pray, and be together in the light of Christ.

Taize is the name of a town in France, home to a community of Brothers (both Protestant and Catholic) who do much work to help the poor throughout the world.  They are well known through the world for the Prayer Services, which draw thousands of pilgrams (including many young people) every year.  These services seem simple, but they can have deep meaning for those who experience this worship.  A Taize Prayer Service includes songs, scripture readings, a time for meditation, and communal prayer.  The songs are short and simple; easy to learn and easy to remember.  The hope is that the songs will not only be sung with your mouth, but with your heart and spirit, and that they will come to you as prayers during moments of life when prayer is needed.  The music is lovely, and is accompanied by piano, cello, flute, accoustic guitar, and other instruments.  The meditation and prayer provide opportunity for you to talk to God, or to listen.  Being still, being silent – these are not things we practice in our every day life, and to have the space to do so can be deeply moving.  The sanctuary is adorned with candles, and the mood is peaceful.  All are welcome.





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  1. Lucille Mazmanian says:

    When is the next Taize Prayer service?

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    Lucille Mazmanian