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Pastor Suzan is Leaving Wallingford Pres

June 8, 2011 by  
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After 9 years as pastor of Wallingford Presbyterian church, our beloved Pastor Suzan has accepted a call as head of staff at First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield, Illinois. Her last day of preaching at Wallingford will be July 24. There will be a congregational meeting on June 26 to vote on the dissolution of her call at WPC.

Click here to read her letter to the congregation.



4 Responses to “Pastor Suzan is Leaving Wallingford Pres”
  1. Roberta Di Terlizzi says:

    Pastor Suzan has been one of the most amazing person I have been blessed to have into my life…she surely brings “Divine Love” and surrounds with such peace and joy every place she walks in…and every person she talks to…I am so sad she is leaving, that my heart hurts really badly, but I know God’s Love will guide her in the next wonderful place and I am so happy for her and her new adventure.
    I am going to miss you Pastor Suzan immensely!!!

    I ♥ you so much, always in God’s Love!


  2. Barb Demos says:

    To say I was surprised by your leaving is an understatement! I love you and wish the best for you. I love the church and wish the best for us too and I guess God has ideas for us that have led us to separate paths. I trust the process, since he brought us you to start with but on an obviously personal level I will miss you very much. As someone who has only lived in one town, people come and go from my life, I’m always the one on the shore waving to the boat as it sails away. Your boat is leaving this shore, but like the piece I’ve heard at funerals, as I cry and wave to you till you’re a tiny speck on the horizon, the other folks are excited and waving to you as you come into their lives!! I wish you the very best!

  3. Melinda Parsons says:

    I’m speechless and so sad at your going. I’ll miss you more than words can say. You have spoken to my heart and soul.

  4. Chris Dearnaley says:

    Dearest Suzan
    Words can’t properly explain how saddened I was to read your letter-you have brought such joy and love to our church and to me personally and I will miss terribley. I wish you only the best as you embark on this new adventure – you have so many gifts and talents to offer and your new church is blessed to have you – as we have been blessed these past 9 years – know that you have a special place in our hearts – Joe joins me in sending you our love and prayers…we also pray for our church family as we prepare for and move forward with our new beginning …