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Kids and TV, the internet, cell phones, and video games

May 4, 2011 by  
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Dr. Amy Franzini of Widener University gave a presentation to parents on their role in the use of TV, the internet, cell phones and video games on Friday, May 1.  Her emphasis was on the role of parents (high level of involvement) in using the media as a means of engagement in a non-threatening way and also as a mechanism for boundary setting.  She highly recommended two books for parents:

Talking Pictures : A Parent’s Guide to Using Movies to Discuss Ethics, Values, and Everyday Problems with Children by Ronald Madison Ed.D and Corey Schmidt (Mar 2001)

The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for Your Kidsby Dimitri A. Christakis and Frederick J. Zimmerman (Aug 22, 2006)

and a website that rates TV shows, movies, games, music and books for children by age group:



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