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Sermon for November 28 – Waking from Sleep

November 24, 2010 by  
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Preaching: Pastor Hawkinson

Scripture Passages: Romans 13: 8 – 14; Matthew 24: 36 – 44

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One Response to “Sermon for November 28 – Waking from Sleep”
  1. Svenson says:

    Good sermon. Okay okay, I’ll try to avoid the good/bad quality scale that plagues so many online comment boards. Here’s why I appreciated it so much:

    The quote “When the bullet comes, what will you be caught doing?” Let me set that up a bit, though.

    This sermon’s foundation was one of the core Christian fundamentals, the second coming of Christ. The constant urgency demanded with the implications of the return of God humanized? That’s an intimidating force that can disengage Christians from their spiritual selves.

    This wasn’t a lecture about the importance of perfect Christian action, though- a direction it could have easily drifted. The foundation of this sermon was backed up by another pillar of Christian doctrine, free will. The message wasn’t just “When the bullet comes, what will you be caught doing?” It was “What do you want to be caught doing?” That’s a dramatic difference.

    It is NOW that Christians believe they are being judged. Yes, 5 seconds ago, but also now… and in 5 minutes… and tomorrow (if it comes)! What a daunting concept. But each day is filled with opportunity of all sorts. It’s a big world with a lot of big problems. Luckily the way changes start is a lot like the way ideas spread, one person at a time.

    I’m going to start to try to open up discussion on every sermon here. I didn’t really say anything provoking here, you say?