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Senior High Retreat – Montreat, NC

What is Montreat?

Montreat is a Presbyterian College and Conference Center located in the mountains of North Carolina, near Ashville.  For decades, it has been a gathering place for Presbyterians during the summer months.  Different week-long conferences are held for musicians, preachers, youth directors, adults, and youth.  Six of the summer weeks are devoted to gatherings of High School students – we will be attending one of those weeks.

At each of these H.S. weeks, between 800 and 1000 students gather from across the country.  Each day, they listen to a different topic of faith during the daily key note address.  Then, they unpack that address in two small group discussion sessions.  In the afternoon, they play organized games.  In the evening, we regather for worship, followed by some debriefing time back at the dorms.

Montreat is a powerful shaping experience for high school students.  It enables them to think deeply about their identity, meet new friends, have fun in a safe and positive environment, and begin to think about their place in the world.  Students return from Montreat energized and ready to serve and follow God in their schools, homes, churches and communities.

How can you help?

Montreat is a wonderful experience, but it is also an expensive one.  The total cost of the trip is about $850 per person.  Parts of that cost are underwritten by the WPC youth budget, fundraising that the youth do, and a scholarship from Montreat.  However, there remains a sizable cost that is born by each student and leader who go on the trip.

You can help to decrease that cost through your sponsorship of a person going on the trip.  For $75, you can help a student participate in the Montreat trip.  If you would like to sponsor a student, please give Pastor Rob a check for $75 made out to Wallingford Presbyterian Church.  Please write “HS Montreat Trip” in the memo section.  You can also give on-line by clicking on the donate button below.

Thank you for your support of our youth!


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