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Summer 2010 SIzzling Questions Series

May 21, 2010 by  
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All adults are invited to participate in a Summer of Sizzling Questions. Over the summer, we will examine the questions that were submitted by congregation members for Doubt Sunday. Sessions will take place all summer, beginning on June 6th, and will be led by a rotating group of teachers. Each session will be self-contained, so you do not have to come to every session in order to participate (though, you are welcome to!) If you have questions about the series, please contact Pastor Rob (610-566-1644 ext 13). The schedule of Sizzling Questions will be:

June 6 – Can non-humans be saved? (Rob Ross)

June 13 – Does prayer do anything? Why do we do it? (Frank Noyes)

June 20 – How do the Bible and Science fit together? (Bob Kenworthy)

June 27 – Why do bad things happen if God is good? (Walter Heindl)

July 4 – no class (4th of July weekend)

July 11 – What is salvation? How do I know when it happens to me? (Dwight Dewerth-Pallmeyer)

July 18 – How should the church spend its money? How should Christians spend theirs? (Frank Noyes)

July 25 – Is God in control? (Walter Heindl)

Aug 1 – Can non-Christians be saved? (Bob Kenworthy)

Aug 8 – Why do we worship the way we do? What’s pomp and what’s real? (Dwight Dewerth Pallmeyer)

Aug 15 – What’s the big deal with predestination? (Suzan Hawkinson)

Aug 22 – I keep asking forgiveness and then committing the same sins over and over. Is anything happening? (Frank Noyes)

Aug 29 – Is the Old Testament as important as the New Testament for Christians? (Walter Heindl)


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