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Sermon for April 11

March 30, 2010 by  
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Pastor Rob will be preaching about Doubt in his April 11 sermon.  He would like to hear from you regarding your doubts, so that he can incorporate them into his message.  Please click on Leave a Comment and let him know your “doubts”.  Feel free to write questions/fears/doubts you have always had about Jesus, God, the Bible, the Church, your faith – nothing is off limits.  Unlike the anonymous ability to submit paper comments via the collection plate, submitting through this site will capture and show your email id.



3 Responses to “Sermon for April 11”
  1. Walter Kaminski says:

    HI Rob, I have doubts that my faith is strong enough. When I read the Bible, I see texts that indicate that if my faith were strong enough, I could heal people, move mountains, etc.

  2. Already wrote a couple questions on the yellow card!

  3. Pastor Rob Ross says:

    Walt – Those passages challenge me too. John 14:12 is another one like the one you listed. There, Jesus, talking at the last supper (which we commemorate tomorrow) says that “Very truly, I tell you, the one who believes in me will also do the works that I do and, in fact, will do greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” I struggle with what to do with those passages. I am tempted to see them as hyperbole or as an exaggeration on the part of the recorder of what Jesus said. But, on the other hand, the passages remind me that my faith is not very strong. Maybe that is part of the intended implication of Jesus statement – our faith is not strong – most people’s faith is not strong – maybe, if Jesus’ test was applied, all people’s faith is not strong. And so, we can hear the call to deeper faith in the passages you list.

    But that truth (that we are called to deeper faith) must be countered by another truth – that we are welcomed into the community of faith, no matter what our current faith level is. Notice that Jesus doesn’t say “If your faith is not strong enough to move mountains, I don’t want you around.” He doesn’t say, “those who cannot heal the sick have no part of me.” Instead, he meets Thomas the Doubter where he is (John 20). And he heals the son of the man who asks for help in his unbelief (Mark 9).

    Lose either side of that tension and you lose some of the truth.