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Strategic Plan Background Documents

March 28, 2010 by  
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Below are links to the documents produced by the Strategic Planning team.  Comments and questions are invited and encouraged.  Please click on Leave a Comment to add your thoughts.

Strategic Plan

Appendix A: Trends and Concerns

Appendix B: Visioning Exercise

Appendix C: Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats

Appendix D: Demographics

Appendix E: Former Members Survey

Appendix G: Reaching the Unchurched

Appendix H: List of Possible TacticsAppendix I: Tracking Template



3 Responses to “Strategic Plan Background Documents”
  1. Erik Antczak says:

    Wow! This is a lot of information. Now I know I didn’t attend much of the Strategic Planning meeting, read all of this data or for that matter comprehend all of this but I figure I’ll throw in some input.

    After reading the demographic information it’s abundantly clear that our church has an aging membership. In order to assure long-term Presbyterian membership early age instruction is a must. Sunday school attendance is very important and is something I wish I had done more of. From a High School standpoint its amazing how many people at my school will answer any religious questions with the phrase, “Yea I went to church as a child, but it was to much work”. Who would want to waste a perfectly good weekend going to more school? That’s why I’d advise further youth outreach and more elementary to middle school interactive learning techniques.

    I like the idea of incorporating more activities outside of worship for members/ non-members. All churches have Sunday worship and Sunday school, but we have Straw Berry Festivals, Bible Studies, and Lock-Ins, yea!

    Going back to the overwhelming amount of information I would advise narrowing in the ideas in appendix H. I know I didn’t attend the entire meeting and I’m aware that I’m in no position to comment, but I’d advise cutting back on this huge list. Five pages is great, but I hope their will be more meetings in order to hammer-out a good 10 or so ideas.

    There’s not a lot of youth participation in the whole planning so I figured I’d speak my mind. You’re doing a bang-up job and good luck to y’all!

  2. Pat Bartusik says:

    I read the Strategic Plan with great interest. I too have noticed the falling attendance at SS and Church. I also see the pull of outside interests pulling the young people away (i.e. sports). I also know that as a new visitor (9 years ago) I felt very welcome to come to WAllingford. I don’t know if it was the name tags that everyone wore or what. But it seemed easier to meet and greet people.
    The draw of more modern music seems to be a suggested move that I don’t find appealing. I have known more active church members leaving congregations because of that style than have attracted them. If you want a modern service maybe have one service a Sunday that is based on that and the later service a traditional service. Or have a modern service in the evening before or after the senior highs meet for youth fellolwship. That would engage those those that desire that. And please don’t think that projecting the words to songs on a screen in the pulpit area will be attractive. How about just printing out the words to the songs.
    The activities that are happening during the week need more poromotion-like the breakfast group, tutoring at East side mission, etc. Some of want to help or participate and don’t know the details.
    Hope this is the kind of feedback you want.

  3. Erik Antczak says:

    It’s obvious that our church needs a new plan in order to adapt to our changing society, but let’s be sure not to alienate our more traditional church members. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with adding more contemporary music to worship, but in some cases the older traditional works can be more “singable” and appropriate to the lessons. Pat’s idea was appropriate that we should have a proper balance of the old and the new in order to encourage all age groups.

    Also I’m not entirely sure I’d appreciate electronic signing anywhere, whether it’s on the front lawn or on the pulpit. I don’t know how useful projected lyrics would be in comparison to printed material as I’d imagine that many members have trouble seeing distance wise anyway.

    And just out of curiosity when will these plans be put into action (I know they’re still in the planning stages, but I wondering wwhat knind of timeline we’re looking at).