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Sprouts & The Underground Railroad – February 5

February 5, 6 – 8 PM 

Remembering African American History Through Spirituals 

February is African American History month. With the help of a special guest, we will spend our time together this month remembering the experiences of African Americans who tried to escape slavery using the Underground Railroad. We’ll trace the routes of several Underground Railroad routes, sing spirituals, which functioned both to express slaves’ faith and to secretly signal escapes to the north.

We are really excited about what we have in store for the Sprouts this month – learning about the Underground Railroad!  One of our Sprouts Parents (Kevin Switala) is the son of a well-known scholar on the Underground Railroad.    Kevin has been involved in the scholarship as well – being involved in creating maps for his dad’s books.  Kevin will be telling the Sprouts about the underground railroad, which included stops very near where WPC now stands.  In addition, we will learn an African – American spiritual, and learn the secret message about the underground railroad that is hidden in its verses.  The Sprouts will also re-enact some of the underground railroad in our building.

We will also talk about scripture passages which were cited by abolitionists in their arguments against slavery.

Also, we need a few parents to help out this month, so if you have any interest in learning more about the Underground Railroad and helping our kids understand it better, please e-mail Pastor Rob and let him know.

 As always, dinner will be served at Sprouts!

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We’ll end our evening by making hygiene kits for the homeless women and men who attend Broad Street Ministry’s Overnight Café.


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