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ChristMarket Begins November 22, 2009

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ChristMarketYou are invited to the ChristMarket@Wallingford

After the 9:30 and 11 am worship services

Nov 22nd, Nov 29th, Dec 6th, Dec 13th and Dec 20th



For us at WPC, Christmas is about God’s entering a broken world in order to heal, Afghanistan schoolinspire, and love that world. Now Christmas was not the start of God’s interactions on behalf of a world in need.  God had been healing, inspiring and loving since the beginning, but Jesus’ birth and earthly ministry continued and made especially clear that work.  Even with the work that Jesus accomplished, God’s interaction with the world was not complete.  Instead, when Jesus’ earthly life was at an end, he charged his disciples to go into the world and show God’s loving power to all they met. We too are Jesus’ disciples, and so his charge falls to us as well. For that reason, our celebration of Christmas both remembers the work that God was doing at the first Christmas and continues that work today. One of the ways that we celebrate is by giving our loved ones gifts from the ChristMarket.

Baby chicksAt the ChristMarket, we give gifts to those who have unmet material needs, thus continuing to live out Christ’s call to be, “good news to the poor.” We give those gifts in honor of loved ones who need our love but not our money, thus continuing to live out Christ’s call to “love one another as I have loved you.” Perhaps our aunt is very concerned about the education of girls in the developing world, so we buy a roof beam for a school in Afghanistan in her honor.  Perhaps our son loves animals, so we buy a baby chick for a family in Cameroon in honor of him. Whatever our gift, we buy from the ChristMarket so that we can show both our love for our friends and family and our love for the world.

This year, children can participate as well.  Adult gifts range in price from $1 – $220, with most gifts falling into the $5-20 range.  Child gifts range in price from $1 – $$5.  To the right, you will find links to a letter from the ChristMarket committee and two gift lists, one for adults and one for children. We invite you to read the letter, download the lists, consider which gifts you want to buy, and then bring the lists with you to the ChristMarket. The ChristMarket@Wallingford is open to everyone, members and visitors. We hope that you find the market to be a meaningful way to celebrate Christmas this year. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Bob and Jean Boell (Bob&Jean). Hope to see you at the market!

Bob & Jean have a Letter for you.

You can also see suggested shopping lists for Adults and Children.


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