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Casserole Cookers Needed

September 27, 2009 by  
Filed under Opportunities to Serve

Deacons Helpers are needed to provide meals to people recovering from surgery, going through difficult times, etc.  This service can be incredibly uplifting to those receiving and to those giving.  If you can prepare a fresh meal, or are willing to keep a frozen casserole handy for a person in need, contact June Tolomeo (610-565-0819) or Pam Matotte (610-566-5615).



2 Responses to “Casserole Cookers Needed”
  1. Diane Corbett says:

    I think you reversed the phone numbers for June and Pam. :)

  2. Walter Kaminski says:

    thanks Diane, the phone numbers have been fixed. Sorry for the delay. Notifications to my email account were disabled.